JioMeet will destroy Zoom in coming months So stop criticizing Local companies Rather lets support Reliance in this Last few days people have been trolling Reliance Because they say Reliance has “copied Zoom UI/UX “Well the strategy that they have followed is having the best product in the shortest possible time Zoom UI/UX was already been used by people

and they were comfortable with it So the fastest way to have best possible product in market is to have the product which people are comfortable using It’s a free market ,so if Reliance has violated any patent/trademark let zoom take them to court If you do apple to apple comparison Reliance plan is free of cost

Whereas Zoom minimum plan is $15 per month which means Rs 13500 per year Means Rs 13500 paying to a Foreign company having a “Chinese Founder “So rather than appreciating something we trolling Reliance Jiomeet has now 500K plus downloads on Android just in few daysIt’s a free market let the best company win the battleBut as Indian i will always support Indian companies Let’s be vocal for local

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